Monday, September 7, 2015

Désolé, j'ai pas le temps

I am ridiculously pressé right now but I'll try to write something you'll enjoy! We got back an hour or so ago from hiking all the way up to the top of the Juras which are the mountains next to our house. It was crazy steep and hard, walking up directly underneath the télécabine from Crozet. It was not exactly fun, but very fulfilling to get to the top and have that view of the Alps, Salève, and the whole Pays de Gex from the hills by Annecy to the other side of Lac Léman including Lausanne and Montreux. We were pretty high up to have a view like that, it was crazy. At the top we ate our lunch of baguettes and cheese and saucisson and we met a bunch of cows.

This past week was Blues Conference! It was super awesome to see all the people that
entered the MTC with and to hear inspiring words from Président and Soeur Brown as well as the Assistants. We had a contacting competition in Bellecourt which was super fun, the blues teamed up with blues and trainers with trainers to see who could pass out more cards, Books of Mormons, and have more conversations and commitments. The blues won by about one card and one conversation, it was super close but really satisfying ;) I was with Elder Zhu who has this thing about stopping people on bikes...he's not afraid to do it and often they're surprised enough that someone would have the gall that they stop and listen to what we have to say! Plus our message is super important, so I guess stopping people on bikes should be a more regular practice.

The Lyon Gare (train station) was super super packed with people because of an electrical problem with the trains, so it was like a refugee camp and finally we gave up trying to find/wait for our train and just stayed in Lyon an extra night. We got Master Tacos (so so so so good) and left really early the next morning for Geneva. From there we went to St-Genis, then to Geneva, then to Chambéry to get picked up by those Elders, then to Aix-les-bains for the baptism of their ami in a swimming pool by a house that looked like it was straight out of a storybook, then to Bellegarde where we got delicious kebab, then to Gex. All that in a day, it was ridonkulous.

Eh bon, a weekly thought! Prayer works! I know that one is super common but it's true! I randomly caught a cold on Tuesday and really didn't want to be sick for Blues Conference, so I prayed to get better and then remembered that I probably had some cold medecine grâce à my dear mother! I took a little bit and then expected my symptoms to come back a while later when the medecine wore off, but I felt fine for the remainder of the week until after Blues Conference when I got a bit of a cough, but no dumb congestion. You can say "well that's not prayer it's just modern medecine!" and you might be mostly right, but the fact that I received the answer I wanted to my prayer was confirmation enough that Heavenly Father is mindful of his children and wants to bless them. I know He will answer your prayers too and give you a ton of blessings, you just have to ask for them and then work to deserve them!

France is nice,

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