Monday, January 25, 2016


Elder Bleak got a bad cold and our amie told him he had to literally
sweat it out. Apparently a very Chinese way to be cured? He did, and
it actually worked! It was really funny too ;)

But yeah in other news we had an amazing amazing Worldwide Missionary
Broadcast! But what made it even more amazing is that a lot of the
stuff in the broadcast was stuff we've already been discussing as a
mission! We talked a lot this week about how incredibly inspired
Président Brown is. He's amazing, we love him :)

Aujourd'hui on est allé au supermarché chinois! On a acheté des
nouveaux chapeaux et des sauces, on va bien manger la nourriture
chinoise cette semaine :) en plus, il faisait suuuuuuuper beau
aujourd'hui! Il n'y avait presque pas de besoin d'un pull, mais
malheureusement c'est toujours janvier.


Sorry the email is super short this week. I have to go and the wifi is
really bad and refuses to send my emails, so bear with me. I love you
all though, really! And so does our Heavenly Father!


Pics: Elder Bleak gets a cold

Elder Bleak got a bad cold and our amie told him he had to literally sweat it out. He did, and it actually worked! It was really funny too.


Truc et machin

Evidence of some P-day excursions.  Apparently they have finally learned how to clone people in Lyon?

Monday, January 18, 2016

Snow and Soldes

Hey everyone! This week I think some stuff happened, I'm not entirely sure.

First of all, it's been soooooo cold. And by that, I mean cold enough
to snow several times this week! It didn't stick hardly at all, but if
it gets much colder it will. We went to Burger King like twice this
week, once with our awesome amie.

Elder Bleak has started learning Chinese characters from another amie
who is actually currently sitting right across from us along with her
roommate whom Elder Burton and I taught while on exchange this week :)
he doesn't speak a lot of Chinese yet, but he thinks it's awesome.
Practically the whole lesson was in Chinese, so it was nice to have
both our Chinese member and this girl's roommate all there (three
Chinese girls and two missionaries). The lesson went pretty well :)

Soldes is in full swing now, so the malls here are going crazy! Soldes
is basically just nation-wide Black Friday that lasts for a month
instead of a day. This is when missionaries stock up on new
pants/shirts/suits/shoes to last the next six months or longer. Soldes
happens twice a year, during July and January. Really convenient!

Last night I forgot to grab the keys from the apartment, so we had to
get some other Elders to open the Institute for us so we could help
our member with her English résumé, and then back at the apartment we
had to wait for the Porte-des-Alpes équipe to get home so we could get
inside. In the end all went well, and one of amies who lives really
close gave us food.

Today I invite you all to consider the benefits of being a member of
the restored church of Jesus Christ! This is the one and only 100%
true church on the earth, which is a big claim to make but it's TRUE!
And whether or not you grew up with this church or not, you can learn
it for yourself the way everyone needs to :) Read the Book of Mormon.
Really ponder it. Think and consider whether it's all possible and
what that would mean. Then, go to a private place, kneel down, and ask
God, our Heavenly Father, whether or not it's true. He will tell you
and you will know. It's as simple as that :) you'll never find a
perfect person here on earth, but God and His Son Jesus Christ are
perfect, which means this religion which comes directly from them is
also perfect. They love you and want to help you. All you have to do
is ask! Go do that and I promise you won't regret it :)

Elder Jensen

Monday, January 11, 2016

Pics: Ummm...... just wow.

A week of happenings!

First off, Happy Birthday Candace! :D congratulations on reaching 8 years old, it only gets better from here :)

Okay, so this week we had a great time. However, due to delayed arrival of new missionaries, the Porte-des-Alpes équipe was in Clermont-Ferrand from Monday to Friday so it was like a normal 2-man apartment. It was lonely :( we went all the way out to St. Priest which is about 26 trams stops away and we played badminton with our ami and three of his Chinese buddies, one of which came that night to Chinese game night and brought his roommate! On the way home from badminton there were no less than SEVEN Chinese people on the bus at one point, and over the course of the bus ride and the following metro rides, we talked to all of them :D the guy I talked to was sooooo hard to understand because he had a super Northern Chinese accent, but it was ça va. I kinda have to go since we have two amis and one member getting mad at me for writing and they want me to teach them how to sing Come Thou Fount. Elder Bleak plays the piano, so it'll be fine :)

Read and listen to the words of modern-day prophets. I promise there's always always always something new to learn! :)

Elder Jensen 🇨🇳⚜🇫🇷

Monday, January 4, 2016

Pics: Fun with other Missionaries

Bonne année, bonne santé! 新年快乐!

Heeeyyyy y'all. It's been a week, and I shall tell you some stuff about it.

First off, last Monday when doing emails we learned that on Saturday
we would be able to use the metros again AND we can stay out until
9:30 again! Hooray for us! So this weekend we had fun buzzing around
all over (under?) Lyon, even at night like grown-ups do :3

On Tuesday, Elder Bleak and I spent some time during companion study
coming up with a new survey to do with people since the Christmas
season is past and gone, and it's seemed to work so far :D we also
went to our awesome ami's house to share with him a scripture that I
felt kind of inspired to share, so we made a whole rendez-vous out of
it even though not a single one of us knew exactly why. Still, we
trust in the Lord and we know that He will guide us when we do our
best. He knows why we needed to share the scripture, He just needed us
to do it. So we did!

Wednesday I thiiiiiink was the day we had a rendez-vous with our
recent convert, but for some reason he wanted to do it standing up. It
was a little weird just standing around the table, but I was less
tired during it so no worries :)

Thursday: super awesome. Elder Bleak had planned a super fun district
meeting with games and a centerpiece of a blanket scarf (his Christmas
present to me) and gummy crocodiles hidden all over the church. It was
relevant I promise.

Friday we received our transfer calls! Elder Bleak and I really wanted
to stay here together, and WE ARE!! Réjouissez-vous! The sad news is
that Elder Brown, who was in our same apartment with Elder Tomlinson
and is super Christlike and spiritual and we love him, is currently on
a train to Talence, aka Bordeaux. We miss him already :( it's strange
to think that I'm starting 2016, the entirety of which will be spent
on my mission. I have a resolution to read the Book of Mormon once in
English, once in French, and once in Chinese this year. Off we go!

Church was amazing! Elder Bleak and I taught Gospel Principles class,
and we taught it in English! Everyone there was either Chinese,
Nigerian, a missionary, or the one French person there who had served
an English speaking mission. For a lot of them, French was about
their third language, so we figured English would be better and it
totally was. Super fun!

Today I met a super super awesome Chinese girl on a bus! We had a
decently long conversation all in Chinese that went really well,
thanks to all the PVL that Elder Bleak and I have been doing lately.
For the past three days, we've been speaking only in Chinese to each
other from when we wake up to 9:30 at night. If we don't know a word,
we replace it usually with the French one or sometimes the English,
but if we really have trouble explaining something then we explain in
French. Crazy goals for this transfer, but I think it'll work wonders!
Please encourage me in future letters to keep speaking Chinese as much
as possible, because it is difficult a lot of the time especially
right when we wake up... Also today we went with Elder Tomlinson
(since his collègue left), two new amis, and our Chinese member to an
amaaaazzzzing Thai restaurant :) wicked delicious yo, as my New
Englander companion would say.

Missions are hard, just so you know! However, they're super worth it.
Getting to know the people I've met and helping them create personal
relationships with their Heavenly Father who loves them more than they
can imagine is probably the noblest cause we have here on Earth and
I'm so glad to be a part of it. I love you all, but not as much as our
Father does!

Elder 江sen