Monday, November 9, 2015

Europe is small potatoes and big miracles

Seriously though, someone oughta get a few Idahoans over here to show Europe how to grow decent-sized potatoes. I miss them :(

Je suis pressé mais il faut vous dire ce qui s'est passé cette semaine! Actually first off: to my little sisters and Carter: I loved y'all's Halloween costumes! Way to be cultural (start 'em young, right?) :D

So yeah, last Tuesday was just a crazy crazy day which I must tell you about! It began like any other. We got up and did our studies and all was well. We had a rendez-vous planned with a member that was going to help us out. That member speaks English but does not speak Spanish by the way, that's important. We originally were going to meet a woman from Romania who speaks really good French, but that fell through with enough warning to get a rendez-vous with a woman from Bolivia. We had our lesson in the Gex chapel and all was well except for the trilingualness of it. I tried to speak a little Spanish but it wasn't going super well, so mostly we had to switch between French and English the whole time. It was a little distracting trying to figure out what language to say something in, but we managed! Later that day we went to Thoiry to do a passback for a woman who Elder Pien and I had found way back in August and was potentially interested in a Primary manual-type thing, something to help teach her children good values as they grew up. We had printed off some example Primary-type lessons to give her and see if that's what she was looking for, she seemed a little surprised but happy to see that we remembered after like 2 and a half months of no contact. On the way down the hill we noticed a car whose inside light was still on, and we all know from personal experience that that can make the next morning an absolute nightmare. We knocked on the door expecting the guy inside to come and immediately wave us away, but he was very kind and we explained what the situation was. It turns out it was his wife's car so he got her to go turn the light off and then suddenly invited us inside. We were confused but we went in, and then he proceeded to invite us to have a seat in his living room. Thoroughly perplexed now we sat down and had no idea what to expect. He sat down across from us and said, "Well, what do you want to tell us?" We hadn't even explained who we were or anything. That is the kind of thing you only hear when the Lord has really prepared someone to meet you and then led you to be in the right place at the right time. Completely stunned, we taught him about the blessings of the temple and how our families can be together for all eternity. He seemed to really like what we were teaching and said that he would read the Book of Mormon whan we invited him to do so. Then, to make a miraculous situation even better, he invited us to have dinner right then and there with him, his wife, and their two kids. We didn't know what to say so of course we ended up staying, we'd been on the way back home for dinner anyway. The food was delicious and we did a little recap of our lesson during dinner for the family members that hadn't heard it. Afterward, the husband gave us a ride down to the bus stop in the very car that was the reason we'd stopped in the first place! Funny how things come full circle like that.

The family lives right next to an awesome member family too, so we'll be organizing a family home evening with the two families hopefully this week! That one story is all I have time for, but let it be a testimony to you that the Lord is preparing people to hear the message He has for them! This Gospel is for everyone and everyone needs to have the chance to accept it because it really will bless the life of anyone and everyone, whether they be a super rich Italian guy on the Côte d'Azure or a poor honest farmer in his Alpine cottage.

Bonne continuation à tous!

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