Monday, September 5, 2016

Weeeeeeeeeekkkkk Siiiiiiiixxxxxx

Thus begins the last week of the transfer. It's gone by "uh real fast"
as my collègue Elder Preator would say. This is also the last week of
my trainer Elder Pien's mission, so I got a really great email from

We finally saw a Chinese person this week! Elder Tomlinson and I were
on exchange and saw a Chinese lady at the library, it went well. She's
not super interested, but it's a start. The students have all returned
though, which means we see a lot more Asians now. Chinese work is back
y'all! :D Good thing too, my Chinese is pretty bad now.

District meeting went well! We had good discussion and did some role
plays and it was fun. Go read the talk "Rise to Your Call" by
President Eyring in the October 2002 General Conference. Super

In finishing, our suuuuper cool ami came to church! The members were
really great at fellowshipping, it was wonderful. He enjoyed church
and said he'd come next week, in addition to Samedi Sportif. However
over the past 24 hours both our basketball and volleyball have gone
flat. Exceedingly curious. Opposition is real.

I shall testify of the importance of members. If you go to church and
you see someone you don't know, go talk to them! Missionaries are
great, but it makes us sooooo sad when members seem not to care about
new people at church. You never know when you might be the difference
between someone having a good time or a bad time at church, and
everyone needs to have a good time! The Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-day Saints is the true church on the earth and contains all the
power and authority that Christ's church did when He established it
himself 2000 years ago. You're extremely blessed to be a part of it,
so don't take it for granted and encourage others to receive those
same blessings! Love you all!


Elder Jensen

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