Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Les temples sont les meilleurs

Last post before I enter the MTC! I just wanted to share with you all the joy I feel in going to the temple. I was privileged to attend a number of different temples in the past couple months, pictures of which are below. Temples are places we go to worship and feel closer to God and while they're all designed differently, they all share similarities and at any one of them you can feel the peaceful feeling that comes from doing the work of the Lord. Attending the temple at least once every week for the past couple months has been a great blessing for me because the months before you report to the MTC can be difficult. I didn't think it would affect me much, but I have noticed it being a lot more difficult to be a diligent student of the Gospel even though I'm looking forward to this wonderful period of spiritual growth in my life. Thankfully, that time is now here! I'll always be grateful to those who helped me gain experience serving in the House of the Lord and allowed me to have that spiritual boost every week to keep me going before I start my mission. The Church is true everyone! The missionaries just want to help people, but they can't do all the work themselves. We have to be willing to reach out to those around us (something I wish I'd done more of) and share the gospel at all times, and if necessary, use words."

First time at the temple (Laie, Hawaii)

Brothers at the Salt Lake Temple
Happy mom, handsome boys!

Beautiful at night

Early morning at the Draper temple
Draper temple

Provo Temple

Payson Temple open house

With Grandma Judson

Bright day!

Provo City Center Temple under construction

Portland Temple

Timpanogos Temple

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