Monday, July 20, 2015

He seeks them here, he seeks them there, he seeks those Frenchies everywhere!

That title was mostly to give James and Emily a laugh :) But it does have meaning! The French group (both Paris and Lyon) that came in the same day as me left this morning and their flights left either 6 minutes ago or in about 23 minutes. Les Lyonnais fly to New York (as I had suspected previously, see the letter regarding my mission call dreams), then to Paris, then a short flight to Lyon. Les Parisiens however, they have a direct flight from Salt Lake to the The City of Lights. Lucky ducks. But I do get my flight plans a week from this Friday (knock on wood)!

Life in the MTC is still good and HOLY COW my aunt is awesome. She sent me Perrier sparkling water which almost my whole district hates (more for me) and croissants which were a huge hit and a box of amazing incroyables qímiàode cookies. Pictures will be sent very shortly. We had our last TRC session on Saturday, so later on today we move from teaching real members or investigators in person to skyping people in Taiwan. Good gracious. Fun times though! I think getting a whole new group of Frenchies on Wednesday will be an awesome birthday present so I can feel their excitement as new missionaries and rekindle my own excitement that does wear off a bit after 6 weeks in the MTC. Apparently so does one's health, since our district has been struck with the sniffles and a cough. Not as bad as the next district over though, I first heard their problem described as "the plague." Oh and my district is getting good at volleyball! Like, way better than when we all started playing about a month ago. At least we know we're improving in one area, but most probably we're improving in many.

We got to go the temple again this morning which was awesome, I encourage you all to go to the temple as often as you can! Even just walking around the grounds (which is totally allowed and encouraged for member and non-members alike) is a great way to feel the Spirit and feel the peace the Gospel brings. We've really been working on speaking Chinese more, especially outside of class since we're not improving as well as we could or should be and we leave 3 weeks from today. Not much time left. I've seen so many friends here in the MTC! Elder Madsen who leaves tomorrow, Elder Bateman is out of here next Monday, Sister Gordon who leaves for Brazil in 2 weeks, Vanhin Aldous who is still here for a while, Sister Rosenlund, and a whole host of others who are super awesome. At choir last night I was sitting in front of a group of Anziani (Italian for Elders, they're going to Rome) and try out my very limited Italian. Theirs wasn't a ton better, they've only been here a week and a half, but it's coming along well. I actually sat by a couple of them already last Tuesday so it was fun to see them again. I don't think I mentioned this last week, but just here in the MTC I can see so much that the Lord is hastening His work in Europe! I've seen people heading for Germany, France, England, Belgium/Netherlands, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Russia, Ukraine, Slovenia, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Turkey, Romania, and Portugal (plus others that I'm either forgetting or didn't quite recognize the language on the nametag). It's awesome, I'm so excited to be a part of this great work! And I don't want to take away from the others that I've met going to Tahiti, Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Argentina, El Salvador, Belize, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Mongolia, Australia, New Zealand, plus others and of course these great United States. I've been really falling behind in my letter writing and journal writing, wicked and slothful servant that I am. At least I have today to try to catch up somewhat. I'm not 100% sure what time I started emailing so I should probably err on the side of caution and get off, but I love you all, the Church is true, and I can't wait to get to France and continue this work!


Amazing cookies sent by the awesome Aunt Melissa! Thank you!

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