Monday, October 19, 2015

Two Mormon missionaries, two chocolate salesmen, and two Africans meet in a driveway...

Yes that legitimately happened. It was funny and we all wanted chocolate but in the end, no one got any :( actually that's a lie, the branch gave us missionaries Swiss chocolate after church!

Here's our week: Tuesday I was on mini exchange in the morning with Elder Herf, which means we were speaking all in French. It shouldn't have been that weird considering I live in France, but most of us missionaries just speak Franglais together, heavily leaning towards the English side. Elder Jenkins and I will be setting some language improvement goals, worry not! That morning we hopped on the tram and went to the gare to pick up our new companions, Elder Ahlemeyer (who is  exceedingly German) to be serving with Elder Herf in Bienne. There were people in the gare handing out free bananas, so that was our after-breakfast snack. It's a fun gare :D I'm running out of time so here we go, quick! I also found out on the way back to St. Genis that Elder Jenkins is from the same home ward as Elder Clark from my MTC district, currently serving in Taipei Taiwan. Crazy small world! He's been serving since I believe May of last year.

We went to go pass this family who met the church like 20 years ago so they've been through tons and tons of missionaries, and we happened to be walking the same way as two high school age kids with a clipboard. We figured they were salesmen of some sort but they seemed really unconfident, so after arriving in the same neighborhood as them we asked what they were doing. They were doing a fundraiser for school and we were tempted to buy some chocolate, but we didn't. The family we wanted to see wasn't there, but they drove up as we were starting to walk away. We turned around and headed toward them just as the chocolate salesmen did the same thing. I started laughing when I
realized what was happening, and we let the kids go first to have a shot at selling something. We know how hard going door to door can be! We stood awkwardly on the side until they finished and then talked to the family to fix a rendez-vous or at least share a spiritual thought and a prayer. It was funny :)

Wednesday-Saturday was just a lot of walking around! Sort of. We tried to fix rendez-vous but they kept falling through, so we got really tired from walking everywhere and it made it really easy to lose faith and get discouraged. However, I know the Lord is on our side! I've seen enough miracles both before and during the mission to know that no matter what happens, we do have the right to divine help! I think we both needed a big dose of patience and humility this last week. We just have to keep praying and working and praying and working and all will work out :)

Sorry it's been a short letter today, but I love you all! 1 John 4:20 is awesome!

Elder Jensen

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