Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas is nearly upon us!!大大的欢欣!!

And that means singing and rejoicing :) we did a musical number with
some other missionaries because on Saturday there was a baptism in the
Ecully chapel which is also the Lyon stake center. We practiced a few
times during the week and then performed pretty well, which was a
great blessing because we were all pretty nervous! Didn't help that
the tenors, namely my collègue and I, were singing right in between
head voice and falsetto range for most of the song. We talked to a
Taiwanese lady on vacation in Lyon and showed her the Christmas video,
she liked it :)

On Thursday morning we went to Chalon-sur-Saône! That's in Burgundy by
the way, over halfway to Dijon from here. It seemed to me like a super
French city, and they have several beautiful cathedrals :D I was on
exchange with Elder Ramsey who is super awesome; we went to a hat
shop, met a less-active from Nuku'alofa (Tonga), and did a survey
about cheese. That survey went super well, Elder Ramsey was able to
wrap the conversation back around to why we're here and what we do,
although we did get to talk about the culture of this beautiful
country :)

Friday, we did some stuff. Oh yeah I remember! We went to the mall
with our Chinese recent convert for lunch and discovered a treasure: a
true Mexican restaurant (run by Chileans) that tastes like Costa Vida
but feels more like Chipotle. Super super awesome, totally going back
there soon :D

Saturday was the baptism. Not only that, it was OUR AMI who was
getting baptized!! Also the ami of the Porte-des-Alpes Soeurs :) our
ami/recent convert is from French Guyane and is super cool, he's
suuuuper excited to go to the temple and do work for his ancestors :)

On Sunday our now recent convert was confirmed as a member of the
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! Hooray!

Today we played badminton with our super prepared ami and his four
Indian friends, they all play at a collegiate competitive level which
means we were in over our heads, but it was super fun :)

Christmas is a wonderful time of year. Everyone grows closer to their
families, but they should also be growing closer to God! Everyone
please oh please take the time to pray and read the scriptures this
Christmas season (a.k.a. tonight!). I promise if you do, you'll get
more peace and joy out of the season :D


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