Monday, March 14, 2016

"If miracles cease, it is because faith has ceased."

Jello everyone! Before coming into the mission, I heard that the France Lyon Mission was full of miracles. I want to let you all know that it's true! Even our mission's weekly newsletter is called "The Miracle." :)

On Tuesday I had a really good interview over Skype with Président Brown, and the next day we had a crazy lesson in which our amie committed to a baptismal date! That night, we got a text from another amie who said that she had finally received an answer to her prayers and set a baptismal date for herself. The next day we had two lessons planned and in both of them, Elder Zhu was able to commit them to baptismal dates.

I didn't know if it could be done, but we trusted in the Lord's plan and in just two days we had 4 new engagés! It was incredible, and thanks to that and the success missionaries are seeing around the mission I KNOW that God is aware of us and our challenge to get 187 new engagés before Christofferson Conference. The said conference is tomorrow morning, it's so exciting! The list of engagés a few weeks ago was about a page and a half, and today when we checked, it had reached 4 full pages. The mission is blowing up! It's so cool!

We went home teaching once this week out in St. Priest, it was good. The family's daughter has so much energy, it's crazy.

In other news, we had a phone lesson because skype wasn't working, so Elder Zhu and I just called our amie, put it on speaker phone, and had a good 20-minute lesson :) We also went to this Chinese student's house super far away in St. Genis-Laval, down southwest of Lyon. He played the bamboo flute for us which was super awesome, and then he played the guqin which is kind of like a zither. It's sooooo traditional Chinese, I loved it. Apparently practically no one plays the guqin anymore, which is sad but cool that we got to meet one :) Hopefully we'll be able to start teaching this guy!

WELCOME HOME KIRSTEN! Shoutout to my older sister who went home from her mission this week! That's super exciting, it was cool to hear about it and see the pictures and everything :)

Have faith! You'll see miracles if you ask for them!

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