Monday, March 7, 2016

An Historic Day

Today is March 7th! One year ago today, I opened my mission call :) and what an adventure it's been since then!

Just today we went wandering around Vieux Lyon looking for secret passageways behind old doors and actually found a few... so awesome. A couple went underground, but apparently a lot of them are locked in the afternoon so we'll probably go back next Monday morning to check it out. Also the past couple weeks we've been severely lacking in food in our apartment, but this month we got smart and planned out money a little better and now we have a ton of food! Hooray!

On Wednesday it was our engagée's birthday so we went and got hot pot with her and some other amis, yum yum. Then we went and saw our DMP (ward mission leader) who gave us cake and guava juice like he does every single time we go over. Guava juice is the nectar of life, it's so unbelievably delicious. That night we watched Meet the Mormons with our amis and Elder Tomlinson, the man of many talents, made a wonderful lemon cake for the birthday party. The movie was dubbed in Chinese which was interesting and hard to understand, but no matter. They liked it and now they know that Mormons are normal and don't all have to wear a suit and tie and go to sleep at 10:30.

On Thursday I went on exchange with Elder Walker, one of our awesome zone leaders. He was with me doing Chinese work, it was fun :) we taught two lessons, the first in a pretty equal mix of French, Chinese, and English since we were teaching with a French member who speaks pretty rough English, and the second lessons we taught with our recent convert so they communicated in Chinese and we taught our bit in English.

On Friday we went to Master Tacos with a cool potential, hopefully we'll be able to start teaching her soon! The next day Elder Carlson (Elder Zhu's MTC companion) and I went on a short exchange to see a less active who gave us soda and lemon cake. Nice.

On Sunday we had a good time at church! A quote I heard there led to my spiritual thought for the day: "Dieu nous donne des bénédictions en fonction de nos besoins du moment." That means, "God gives us blessings according to our needs of the moment." For example, God didn't part the Red Sea from miles away, He parted it when Moses and the Israelites got there and needed to escape from the Egyptian armies! It's true that we might get concerned sometimes by the situation we're in, but always remind yourself that if you're really trying to do what you know is right, God will never abandon you!

Elder Jensen

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