Monday, May 23, 2016

Did some stuff, learned some stuff, the usual

Good week y'all!

Tuesday: got tombé-ed in the morning by our engagé, so we just went and got lunch with the member that was supposed to teach with us. I got to see the inside of a French clinique (apparently clinics are like small hospitals, I never bothered to acknowledge the difference before now). I also learned how to say "to drool" in French! It's baver.

Wednesday: Uhhhh I don't remember what we did for the most part. We did some preparation for Ward Council which we were going to have the next day.

Thursday: I started calling all the Chinese people saved in the phone! Not too many people answered, but a few did. Going to be calling the rest of them this week and getting organized/hoping to start teaching some Chinese people soon! That night we had Ward Council, I thiiiiink I'm starting to get to know some people in the ward :)

Friday: Our plumbing is defective. Therefore, we had a ward member come over in the morning and check out our water heater and stuff, but he recommended we get a real plumber. Elder Peron described this guy as polyvalent (a French word) which apparently means a jack-of-all-trades. We then had zone training for a few hours and a lunch of stuffed peppers because Elder Peterson (currently serving in Tarbes) is awesome. That night we taught our ami that lives in a kinda sketchy quartier (definitely not the worst in Toulouse though) and then directly went and changed into street clothes and visited a less-active. We go over once a week apparently to help trim the trees/hedges in his backyard, it was fun :)

Saturday: Field trip! We hopped on a train far far away (not that far, just an hour and a half) to Montréjeau to see a family whose son is getting baptized in a few weeks! It was cool :) I also got to talk to Elder Bleak and get some numbers of Chinese amis and members here that I didn't have before, so hopefully we'll be seeing some reactivations going on here soon.

Sunday: Church was good, I really am getting to know the ward! We fixed a bunch of mangez-vous for the week, it'll be fun to see a bunch of members and get them involved in doing missionary work with us. For dinner I made some weird Chinese noodle soup that only tasted good if you added enough curry and cayenne pepper to make it too spicy to eat. My bad.

Today: Kind of running out of food in the apartment, so I cooked up some rice, threw in Nutella and coconut milk, and had a breakfast of cocoa rice that any Samoan would be proud of. 🌴🇼🇸 Yes I learned that at college. We had a real plumber stop by for a few minutes and fix some stuff (we hope), then we went wandering around centre ville for a while. Pictures to follow!

Here's my spiritual thought. After zone training I walked in on a discussion between Elder Peron and Elder Haskin, and learned something I'd never thought about before. It is that on a mission, we experience failure more than ever before in our lives. We want our amis, the ward, other missionaries, and ourselves all to progress, but the road to success is fraught with failure. It doesn't mean we're bad people, it just means we're trying more than ever before! It's easy to get discouraged, but just remember: not matter how many battles you lose, if you get up and keep trying, you'll always win the war.

Love y'all :D

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