Monday, February 29, 2016

A 6th transfer blue

I still feel kind of blue (new or inexperienced) in our lessons, but this week it's been a little harder than normal! I know there are a lot of things I need to improve on in the way I do things (I'm a good person I swear, but not perfect), but when your amis notice....yikes. I got cassé-ed (ummm chastised) pretty good by our amie for being bad at planning, so Elder Zhu and I have been trying harder at that the past few days and we have a much better week planned out! Hope to have good news on that later :)

So yeah this week we refixed a baptismal date for an amie which means we accomplished the goal of two new engagés per équipe! We're working with those two and some of our other amis pretty closely and hoping to be able to turn some of our new awesome potentials (who FREAK OUT when you play Jenga with them) into amis. We play a Chinese card game called 三国杀 ("san guo sha") every Saturday with our amis and potentials and then invite them to church the next day, plus also find out how interested they might be in religion. It's fun and effective :) recently we've been adding in Uno and Jenga which most of them have never played, it's awesome.

Happy Leap Day to all of you! It's fun for sure since it only happens every four years, but it also means that Elder Zhu's metro pass expired yesterday and the new monthly pass doesn't get activated until tomorrow. That was a bit of a surprise this morning, but we fed the machine about 50 loose coins and got him a day pass. We're back at the institute now, just went on a cool tour of the city with the Clermont-Ferrand équipe (Elder McKee whom I knew in Geneva Zone and Elder Terrell). We took the metro C which is up in the north of the city and was a great mystery to all of us. It was cool :)

We had Zone Training also! Went through some "General Authority Protocol" and talked about how we as a mission are going to prepare for Elder Christofferson and get the most out of this experience as possible. Can't wait! We were originally told that only the Lyon missionaries would get to attend, but President Brown pretty much wouldn't take no for an answer and somehow got permission to have all the missionaries in the south of France and Francophone Switzerland attend. Whatta guy.

I spoke at church on Sunday! And apparently so did my little sister, so little shoutout there. I'm sure her talk was longer and better than mine, I probably spoke for about three minutes. We had talks from all six younger missionaries in our ward and a beautiful song in English, Tahitian, and French by the Sweeney couple (Elder Sweeney served his mission in Tahiti like 45 years ago). We talked about missionary work in the different books of scripture and how it's been a thing since forever, so it's super super important and we need to keep doing it! Also Elder Zhu and I had a mangez-vous (dinner appointment) with a cool family and we brought our amie who wanted to know what church
members' lives are really like.

As my spiritual thought to you all, I invite you to go watch Elder Holland's talk from the October 2012 General Conference called "The First Great Commandment." We watched it for Zone Training and it was awesome as always!


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