Monday, July 25, 2016

Congratulations to one and all :)

Dear Mom and Dad, Happy Golden Silver Anniversary!!

Sure ain't every day that a couple is married (for time and all eternity) on the 25th of the month for 25 years and running! 我爱你们!

Speaking of fun occasions, the Office Elders called me this morning for my birthday, and it freaked me and Elder Peron out because any day now some Elder will be getting called as the new Assistant... so yeah, don't worry I don't think I'm the new AP. If I am, you'll find out next week. The office elders and office senior couples all sang Happy Birthday to me, it was super sparky and awesome :)

Elder Peron likes catching lizards whenever he sees them, and the other day he caught a little one at the bus stop. It was opening its mouth to eat us, so I let it bite a leaf and then we very gently played tug-of-war.

As for my actual birthday my family, we always had the tradition that on a kid's birthday they didn't have to do any household chores. So what did we do for my birthday in France? The France Lyon Mission Declutter Olympic Games of course! We spent a while in the apartment cleaning up all the old clothes missionaries have left behind and throwing away random other old junk. It was actually kind of fun, I got to try on all the funny old stuff that missionaries wisely left behind :) for example, the destroyed shoes of Elder Walters! He was (practically) my first district leader for the whole time I was in St. Genis and he finished his mission here in Toulouse Concorde.

This morning we were in a Monoprix (French grocery store) and they were playing the Nutcracker over the speakers 0.o normally the music is modern pop or rock or stuff, but today was special. It was cool :)

What else what else... we went to St. Girons! We have a cool Tahitian member who lives there so we went to visit him and did yardwork and played with a dog next to a river.

Many pictures and things to come, sorry I've been slacking a tad in that department.

Spiritual thought! Accept your faults, and the faults of others, and the Lord will accept you! In church I heard something I really liked, which was that if you don't judge people, you love them. It's true! We wonder as missionaries how to love everybody the way Christ did, but really if you can just get past the outward appearance or their less-than-Christlike upbringing, you'll see them for who they really are: a child of God! :D everyone is one, so everyone should be thought of and treated like one. That is all :)

Love you!!

Elder Jensen

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