Monday, July 11, 2016

Truc Eagle

About that title: on the way to the church to do emails, we saw a bunch of kids doing some sort of science fair or exposition or something. They were riding these crazy contraptions, basically bikes and wheelchairs with a bunch of junk attached, like really ghetto parade floats. One of the kids had named his float "Truc Eagle," which basically just means "Eagle Thing." It was funny :)

I have very little time, but a lot to say! First off, what the heck is happening with the Olympics? I have heard absolutely ZERO things about it, and in my head they should be happening like this week. The one indication I have that they still exist is that several days ago, I saw a dude on the bus wearing a "Rio 2016" lanyard. That's it :( Someone fill me in please!

Second: France lost the European Cup...? We heard a bunch of honking last night which usually means France won the match, but this morning we got a text from one of the young adults saying we'd lost. Still, made it to the finals, a lot better than usual! [?]

We had a great district meeting and then finding day in Montauban last week. Elder Smith (our zone leader from Texas) and I cooked up a bunch of crêpes for lunch, t'was super delish.

Thursday was unusual: we spent the morning doing service at the house of some Protestant people who are friends with a super awesome family in the ward. We ate a ton of pizza and discussed our beliefs, it was cool. After that we went and saw another family in the area who was super excited to watch the match that night. We went straight from there to the store where we got ultra-freshly squeezed orange juice, and from there to another family's house way out in the countryside for dinner. It was suuuuuper peaceful and awesome out there. Always have a house with a big yard :)

Friday was unusual as well: We went to Pau! I had to do my legality since I've passed my year mark, and we had a great adventure. I would love to tell you more about it, but I have no time left, so sorry :( Until next week, suffice it to say that there was a castle, a giant rat, and a City of Miracles (not Pau).

For my spiritual thought, I'd like to share a little bit of what I shared in my talk that I gave in sacrament meeting yesterday! It went pretty well I think. The lesson I shared is this: if you have the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, don't wait! Use it! Share it! Enjoy it! I shared my experience of leaving the MTC to come to France and how I lost my bottle of Perrier because I had forgotten to drink it and then I accidentally tried to send it through airport security. In the same way, we can forget how wonderful this gospel is and take it for granted, but when Christ comes in His glory, we don't want to be judged as slothful and unwise servants and be cast out! That would be sad. Live the Gospel TODAY!

Love y'all :)

Jensen Chōrō

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