Monday, August 29, 2016

Mountains are dangerous and pretty

Hey yous mugs. I'm writing you from the train in the small town of
Foix, and it has been a crazy adventure of a p-day. Foix is a town
about 90 km south of Toulouse, like two thirds of the way to Andorra
or Spain. We came down here to do some pass backs and to do some fun
stuff on p-day, and oh man did we.

We came with the other équipe in our ward, namely Elder Beck (who was
in my first district) and Elder Shimazaki. Elder Shimazaki is in his
first transfer and Elder Beck is in his last, so it's an interesting
combination. While walking from the gare to the neighborhood where we
thought a less-active woman lived, Elder Beck noticed a cool looking
hill/peak thing. We had come down here to the foot of the Pyrénées to
do some hiking as well, and it was decided that we would hike up it.

So we did! Got really scratched up in blackberry bushes, but ça va. Here are pictures!

Spiritual thought: There is a peace and a joy that comes with being 100% obedient. It's all about sacrificing something good for something better, and when you keep that perspective, it's bittersweet but mostly sweet. If everyone had that perspective, it would be 100% sweet. Think about that one for a while :)

Love yoooouuuuu
Elder Jensen

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