Monday, August 22, 2016

Shoutout to all of y'alls

Dear family and friends,

I'm old because my little sister is starting college. That is all.

开玩笑 but actually it's a weird feeling. So is being a missionary though, my life is full of weird things.

This week was pretty good, we had some really cool stuff happen! We currently have a big push in the mission to teach 20 lessons every week, so we decided to try to see our engagée three times last week instead of the normal one or two. It went really well and she's progressing very smoothly, I expect she'll be baptized within the transfer :) This is the miracle amie that we found when she accidentally called the bishop's office, by the way.

We saw a less-active from the Central African Republic on Tuesday when I was on exchange with Elder McKenzie, who is from a small town in central Idaho. He loves the church, but doesn't dare come to church or even read the scriptures very much because his family is really against it. It's super sad, I wish there was more we could do to help :( Also during that exchange we had a cool miracle....more on that later

Wednesday was district meeting! It went really well, despite kind of running out of stuff to say 20 minutes before the end. After a little hemming and hawing we had Soeur Grant, who would be going home three weeks early for school and who is currently all alone on an airplane over the Eastern United States, bear her testimony about what the mission has meant to her. It was really great. After the meeting we tried to make stir fry but failed. It tasted good anyway.

Thursday night we had Ward Council, which was pretty good. We got a list of les actives in the ward that we and the other equipe of Elders can try to help out, so expect news on that soon!

Friday: good. We saw a Taiwanese lady near some young Koreans outside a Japanese garden. She's not so hip on joining the Church, but she's alright to discuss things, plus I need to practice my Chinese. I talked to Elder Zhu on the phone in Chinese the other day and my Chinese is definitely rougher than it was in Lyon.

Saturday it rained so we didn't have Samedi Sportif, but we did have a cool miracle that goes along with the one I mentioned earlier!

Here goes miracle number one: Elder McKenzie and I stopped this young adult-looking dude with a cool beard and get talking with him. He spoke great English because American movies. Also Spanish because he's half French half Peruvian. Pretty keen guy. We talked for a long time and ended up teaching the entire Restoration of the Church, gave him a Book of Mormon, exchanged phone numbers, and invited him to Samedi Sportif. It was a full, impromptu lesson on the street, and those are hard to come by!

Miracle number two: Elder Preator and I go to see this less active that apparently no one knows. He was at home when we dropped by, so he let us in to chat. He's a super ripped Nigerian guy and he had his Italian friend over just randomly when we came. We talked with them a bit and then shared our "spiritual thought." That "spiritual thought" turned out to be, again, the entire Restoration of the Church. The Italian guy (who spoke perfect French) was pretty intrigued and asked for an Italian Book of Mormon and Bible, both of which we had at the apartment. We'll be seeing him again this week, we're pretty sure :)

Just goes to show that when you make a commitment to accomplish something, the Lord gives you a way to do it! We wanted to accomplish that goal of 20 lessons in a week, and here we had two miracle teachings of the Restoration, our central and most important message, both completely unexpected. God is good :)

Also, thanks to everyone for the kind letters and fun news! You help me more than you know :)

Bonne semaine 大家!

Con todo mi amor,

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