Monday, November 21, 2016

Joseph Smith made me pancakes

Hello hello hello hello hello

This week has been a week. It has been a good week. We have done
things this week. They were things that missionaries do. Some things
were things that everybody do too. Missionaries have good lives :)

Monday night we had Soirée Familiale (FHE), it was fun.

Tuesday: started out kinda slow, but we had a lesson with our awesome
awesome ami! In about a month of being taught, he's almost finished
with the Alma in the Book of Mormon. He's committed! He knows he'll
receive an answer through sincere study and prayer, and he's very
willing to acknowledge that it's the Lord's timing that counts. He's
incredible. That night we had dinner (raclette, so good) with a family
in the ward. Their dad is Portuguese which I didn't know until that
night, I always just thought he was French and had served a mission in
Portugal or something. He speaks Portuguese, French, and English, The
Mom speaks English, French, apparently some Italian and German, and
their sons speak perfect English and one of them also speaks Spanish
and Chinese (he served a mission in Montreal and ended up serving a
year in Chinese, 6 months in Spanish, and 6 months in French. Crazy).
Awesome family.

Howeverrrrrrrr since we went to their house which was really far away
we all took the train back and my collègue had forgotten his carte
jeune (gets young people like us half price on train tickets) so when
the controller came to check his ticket he got slapped with a fine of
35 €uros. To get it reimbursed we went to the gare the next morning
with his carte jeune, but we'd been fed some misinformation and ended
up running around Grenoble and wasting a lot of time and being sent to
several different official people to help us and it was a big fiasco.
Train travel in France is great! Just don't forget your carte jeune.

I don't remember what we did for the rest of that day.

Thursday we taught our amie the Rétablissement (Restoration) with yet
another one of our incredible members and it went well. More about her

Friday I was on exchange! I was with Elder Eberhard, our fearless
district leader whom I hadn't spoken to in 9 transfers by the time I
arrived in Grenoble. He's awesome, really really great guy and super
good at presenting in district meeting, despite it being his first
time as DL. We had one tombez-vous (Our lessons fell through) and then
a really good lesson, actually with the same member whom we had taught
with the day before. At night we had Ward Council which went really
well, I'm so so so so glad to be in a ward with such amazing members.

Saturday we did Weekly Planning, it was good. We did other stuff too I

Sunday was a really really good day! We had two amis at church (the
two that we taught this week since neither of them were working this
Sunday) and it went super well, we were able to teach both of them
after church and it was cool, although the second one was laughing and
joking a lot during the lesson and it was hard to keep her focused. Ça

After that lesson, the really cool member who helped us teach (who is
an undercover cop by the way and has such awesome stories) drove us to
the home of yet another amazing member family. The dad of this family
is our Elders' Quorum President and just happens to be the guy that
played young Joseph Smith in The Restoration. No joke. He's told us
before what that experience was like and last night he and his wife
and we all told a bunch of mission stories and his family is adorable
and amazing and ahhhhhh. So awesome. Oh yeah and they fed us pancakes

For the past month, there's been a challenge in the mission to testify
of the Apostasy and subsequent Restoration every day to your companion
in your mission language. Elder Alvarenga and I have only missed one
day and it's been great to see not only how our capacity to speak
Chinese has grown, but also the depth of our testimonies. Testifying
of it more means thinking about it more, and that makes us more ready
to receive revelation as to its truthfulness, leading to an even
stronger testimony. Genius, huh? Try it! This week, take 5 minutes a
day to think about a principle or doctrine of the Gospel and try to
figure out what it means for you in your life. You'll see connections
and blessings you never knew were there, I promise :) love you all!
我爱你们!Je vous aime tous!

Elder Jensen

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