Monday, November 14, 2016

Poutine your mouth

Hola nacho

I'm a little low on time as is common, but not too low so it's pas grave.

Grenoble is doing well! The weather is cooling down, but the work is
heating up :) Elder Alvarenga and I both donned new sweaters (cheap
but warm, just the way I like them) out of necessity this week. We
have a couple different foci (yes I just used that word) right now as
a mission, one being part-member families and one being lessons in the
presence. This week we got to see our awesome French ami, he's a
30-something year old French guy who's an absolute boss at reading the
Book of Mormon. He was a self-referral and requested a Book of Mormon
off the Internet. We're not the ones that starting teaching him, but I
heard from multiple sources that after he received the Livre de
Mormon, he showed up to the first rendez-vous and apologized for not
having been able to read very much and that he was "only in 1 Nephi
23" or something like that. Helloooooo that's more than most amis will
read in like 6 months. He's at about the end of Alma now, he's so
cool. Our other awesome amie is a Chinese girl who's here for studies,
she wanted to learn about religion after she had some friends that
converted to Christianity. We saw her a couple times this week and she
came to church! Yaaaayyyyy it was super cool :)

In other news, AMERICAAAAAAA is going crazy as you all know better
than I do. Unfortunately for that French guy that said "je suis contre
Donald Trump" to me on the street in Toulouse a long time ago. I think
the member from St. Genis who was here repairing stuff in the chapel
put it best when he told us "Hey have you heard the news? You have a
duck as a president. His name is Donald." hashtag Disney jokes for
days. But yeah actually that morning, we got a text from an unknown
number saying "Hello you have a new president in USA" but didn't
identify either the sender or the new president. It was the member at
the church that morning that told us first. Fun times fun times.

Wow I'm just realizing how much stuff happened this week. Too much!
Elder Alvarenga's legality and zone training in Ecully and snow, oh
my! The snow is mostly on the beautiful beautiful mountains, but we
got the teeniest bit mixed into a lot of rain one morning in ville.

Oh and we got poutine with a member. Canadian specialty, I've been
hearing about it for over a year and never had it until now. This
member served his mission in Montreal and speaks perfect French,
Spanish, and English and really good Chinese. He showed us where to
find it. Pictures to follow.

In closing, I'll quote my cher collègue in saying, "We're not the
heroes. Jesus Christ is the hero." It's true! Christ is the only one
who could save us from our own sins, none of us are worthy to make the
sacrifice necessary and none of us were chosen in the Premortal Life
like He was. I know that Christ lives! He was and is the Son of God,
the Jehovah of the Old Testament, and the Savior of the world. Thanks
to Him, we all have the chance to return and live with our Heavenly
Father. It's pretty great :)

Love you all, but not as much as God does! Bye!

Elder Jiang-sen

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