Monday, November 28, 2016

Le Grand Remerciement

We were trying to figure out how to say "Thanksgiving" in French and I came up with "le Grand Remerciement" which literally means "The Big Thanks." My companion, a native French speaker, pointed out that the real name is "Action de Grâces," but I liked mine better so I kept using it.

On Tuesday we were in Lyon for Zone Conference, it was fun. We all got to watch the #LightTheWorld/ÉclairezLeMonde/光照世人 video together for the first time, it was so so so so good. And still is, in fact. That's why we've been running around sharing it with members and soon people on the street as well :) also both districts in our zone had to create a skit to perform after conference, so we (Grenoble, Valence, and Chambéry) did our own version of "Silent Night." We turned the lights off, came on stage in pajamas and carrying pillows and blankets, and silently laid down for a good night's rest. It was so hard to keep a straight face (read: I didn't keep a straight face). We just laid there until the other district and President and Sœur Brown started clapping, but we didn't react so they stopped. Then it got awkward, but we just kept laying there. Finally after a few minutes they actually started singing Silent Night, so we took that as our cue and got up. It was dumb, but pretty good considering we'd come up with the idea the night before and hadn't even told the whole district what we were doing until about 20 minutes before show time.

We had interviews with President after that, that's always a good time. He's amazing, and it's been so cool to see him progress and become more confident as our Mission President since he only arrived in France a month before I did!

Wednesday we taught our best ami about tithing. We expected it to be a little tricky, but it actually went pretty well! Yay for blessings. Our second lesson with him this week didn't go as well, but not necessarily too bad either. Nothing a little faith won't fix :)

Thursday was Thanksgiving! It took us a little while to realize it, and we didn't really even celebrate much. We did have a long conversation with a homeless guy though, and eventually gave him a Book of Mormon because Elder Alvarenga has no fear.

Friday was Thanksgiving Day for us, simply because all six of us missionaries went to dinner with two American families! We were at the home of the other Grenoble Elders' ami and his family, who are (believe it or not) from Utah! Not born and raised, but they lived there for quite a while before coming here to France about 4 months ago. He's been an ami for 10 years O.o the Hardings (Joseph Smith and clan) were there too. We grilled hamburgers and had chicken and ham and stuff since France only believes in having turkey on Christmas. It was a good night :)

Saturday all six of us (again) went to the bishop's house for lunch. It was cool, there were a bunch of people there including the bishop's brother who currently lives in New Caledonia and their father who is an 88 year old rather deaf Italian man. When he's in a hurry though, he can actually run! It was an incredible sight. That night we saw our ami from Wednesday again and then went straight over to a recent convert's place. He's from Ghana and was baptized in the Philippines last year and now he's studying business in Grenoble. Makes sense. Super cool guy.

On Sunday there was a special ward lunch after church for the Harding family and another American family who are both moving back to the States this week. It's sad to see them go, but the Lord needs them elsewhere!

My thought for you this week is simply this: pray. Pray too much. You never know what might happen, whether in the world around you or in yourself.

Love you!

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