Monday, December 12, 2016

Bare tretten dager igjen til Julen kommer til Blåfjell 🇳🇴🎄🏔

No avoiding it people, I'm old. I passed my 18 month mark a couple
days ago and all the sisters I entered the MTC with are either already
home or heading that way this week. I'm so glad I'm serving 2 years
though because I'm nowhere near experienced enough to be a "returned
missionary!" I still have so many memories left to make and so much
work to do, I don't know how the sisters cram it all into a year and a

Last week was pretty cool, Tuesday night it was freezing cold outside
but we talked to a super cool guy who was out jogging, he has family
in Montreal and listened to the whole message of the Restoration!
Lemme tell you, speaking French bien comme il faut is really difficult
when your face is so cold it feels like it's going to fall off. In the
end he wasn't interested, but he took a card so maybe we'll see him
again. Right after that we went and got poutine again! We went with
the non-member son of the old Italian member, some of his friends, and
a couple JA (jeunes adultes), both of whom served missions in
Montreal. Had a great time, got to talk about what it's like to be on
a mission, why we're here, and talk about temples! :)

Wednesday was the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor, I acknowledged it.
That night we went with a member to try and visit a less active
Chinese family, but they didn't answer. We left a note in their
mailbox and some gifts on the gate and a lot of prayer in our hearts.
Part two of this story is that Elder Alvarenga was able to get ahold
of them when we were doing calls yesterday. He did a great job
testifying in a blend of French and Chinese, but to little avail. God
has a plan for them!

This next week we'll have a conference with Elder Sabin from the
Seventy and we've been challenged to teach as many lessons in the
presence of a member as possible before that time. It's been going
really well! This past week we managed to have all our lessons be in
the presence, the members here are so willing to help and they help so
much with encouraging our amis. Definitely going to keep this up the
rest of my mission, it works soooo much better! The last lesson we
taught this past week was because we went out contacting with a member
and found this really cool girl, we shared with her the Eclairez Le
Monde video and had a good discussion.

One of the greatest things about the Gospel of Jesus Christ is its
simplicity! Just know that God exists. He loves you and wants you to
be happy. Life can be hard, but don't stop going to church, reading
the scriptures, and regularly praying and everything will be fine.
It's true it's true it's true I promise! Don't forget that, you'll be
sooo much happier!

Love you! Que Dieu vous bénisse!

Elder Jensen


Proverb in a little chocolate truc

Chinese-speaking JA and one of our favorite members, 
we hung out with him on p-day

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