Monday, December 5, 2016

"What if"s are for fools

For a couple reasons: when referring to the past, "what if" does no good because le passé est passé. When talking about the future, you have to be careful because saying "what if" might actually make it come true. For example, transfers! We made a lot of jokes about Elder Eberhard going to Corse (Corsica) but we never actually meant it. Lo and behold he's been shipped off to Ajaccio, which is indeed on Corsica. Lucky duck with his Corsican Christmas, but he was honestly so sad to leave Grenoble, he loved it here because it's the best.

Yes we're staying :) my 6th time staying at least two transfers with a companion! How do you like that. Elder Alvarenga and I are here for another six weeks with the rock-solid members, beautiful mountains, and frigid temperatures (though mysterious lack of snow...). I hope you've all been able to go on and get started becoming more Christlike this Christmas season! If not, go there right now and Éclairez le Monde!

This past week, it was December 1st and the focus was on helping bear other people's burdens. Thus, we found ourselves helping the Harding family empty out their apartment in preparation for their move back to the States. They went back yesterday morning, church wasn't the same without them :( oh well, Brother Harding told us to keep in touch so it's not the last I've seen of them!

Saturday I was on exchange with Elder Mason. He's a SoCal boy and really good at French, especially for his third transfer. He's also staying, so we get another transfer together in the apartment eating spicy pasta every day (Elder Alvarenga's favorite, he loves sriracha).

We got transfer calls at the home of an older Italian member (the one who knows Elder Alvarenga's family) who lives up in the mountains, we were doing service for him and it was freezing cold. He had a bunch of angels and swords and paintings (that he painted) in his house and he cooks like a pro. His food was so so so good. His son hasn't been baptized, so we shared a spiritual thought with them and found out that the son is so nice and so cool, so we're planning to go get poutine with him and some other bros this week :)

Remember everyone: Jesus loves you! Our Heavenly Father loves you! No matter how fallen you think you might be, before you were born you chose to come here and learn and grow. Despite all your imperfections, God knows you're worth saving :) that's why Christ came down and paid the price for your sins. He didn't do it for fun, that's for sure. He did it for you! Trust Him :)

Thanksgiving dinner

Us over Grenoble

Artsy shot


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