Monday, January 11, 2016

A week of happenings!

First off, Happy Birthday Candace! :D congratulations on reaching 8 years old, it only gets better from here :)

Okay, so this week we had a great time. However, due to delayed arrival of new missionaries, the Porte-des-Alpes équipe was in Clermont-Ferrand from Monday to Friday so it was like a normal 2-man apartment. It was lonely :( we went all the way out to St. Priest which is about 26 trams stops away and we played badminton with our ami and three of his Chinese buddies, one of which came that night to Chinese game night and brought his roommate! On the way home from badminton there were no less than SEVEN Chinese people on the bus at one point, and over the course of the bus ride and the following metro rides, we talked to all of them :D the guy I talked to was sooooo hard to understand because he had a super Northern Chinese accent, but it was ça va. I kinda have to go since we have two amis and one member getting mad at me for writing and they want me to teach them how to sing Come Thou Fount. Elder Bleak plays the piano, so it'll be fine :)

Read and listen to the words of modern-day prophets. I promise there's always always always something new to learn! :)

Elder Jensen 🇨🇳⚜🇫🇷

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