Monday, January 18, 2016

Snow and Soldes

Hey everyone! This week I think some stuff happened, I'm not entirely sure.

First of all, it's been soooooo cold. And by that, I mean cold enough
to snow several times this week! It didn't stick hardly at all, but if
it gets much colder it will. We went to Burger King like twice this
week, once with our awesome amie.

Elder Bleak has started learning Chinese characters from another amie
who is actually currently sitting right across from us along with her
roommate whom Elder Burton and I taught while on exchange this week :)
he doesn't speak a lot of Chinese yet, but he thinks it's awesome.
Practically the whole lesson was in Chinese, so it was nice to have
both our Chinese member and this girl's roommate all there (three
Chinese girls and two missionaries). The lesson went pretty well :)

Soldes is in full swing now, so the malls here are going crazy! Soldes
is basically just nation-wide Black Friday that lasts for a month
instead of a day. This is when missionaries stock up on new
pants/shirts/suits/shoes to last the next six months or longer. Soldes
happens twice a year, during July and January. Really convenient!

Last night I forgot to grab the keys from the apartment, so we had to
get some other Elders to open the Institute for us so we could help
our member with her English résumé, and then back at the apartment we
had to wait for the Porte-des-Alpes équipe to get home so we could get
inside. In the end all went well, and one of amies who lives really
close gave us food.

Today I invite you all to consider the benefits of being a member of
the restored church of Jesus Christ! This is the one and only 100%
true church on the earth, which is a big claim to make but it's TRUE!
And whether or not you grew up with this church or not, you can learn
it for yourself the way everyone needs to :) Read the Book of Mormon.
Really ponder it. Think and consider whether it's all possible and
what that would mean. Then, go to a private place, kneel down, and ask
God, our Heavenly Father, whether or not it's true. He will tell you
and you will know. It's as simple as that :) you'll never find a
perfect person here on earth, but God and His Son Jesus Christ are
perfect, which means this religion which comes directly from them is
also perfect. They love you and want to help you. All you have to do
is ask! Go do that and I promise you won't regret it :)

Elder Jensen

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