Monday, January 25, 2016


Elder Bleak got a bad cold and our amie told him he had to literally
sweat it out. Apparently a very Chinese way to be cured? He did, and
it actually worked! It was really funny too ;)

But yeah in other news we had an amazing amazing Worldwide Missionary
Broadcast! But what made it even more amazing is that a lot of the
stuff in the broadcast was stuff we've already been discussing as a
mission! We talked a lot this week about how incredibly inspired
Président Brown is. He's amazing, we love him :)

Aujourd'hui on est allé au supermarché chinois! On a acheté des
nouveaux chapeaux et des sauces, on va bien manger la nourriture
chinoise cette semaine :) en plus, il faisait suuuuuuuper beau
aujourd'hui! Il n'y avait presque pas de besoin d'un pull, mais
malheureusement c'est toujours janvier.


Sorry the email is super short this week. I have to go and the wifi is
really bad and refuses to send my emails, so bear with me. I love you
all though, really! And so does our Heavenly Father!


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