Monday, February 8, 2016

China is cool


HAPPY NEW YEAR!! *\(^o^)/*

So yeah, I hope you all have an awesome start to the New Year (Year of the Monkey) and have much prosperity, health, and good fortune :)

Last Monday, Elder Bleak and I laid on the floor. Then we saw lions and deer and emus at this awesome park/zoo thing pretty nearby.

Tuesday there was a nice sunrise and Elder Hansen and Elder Tomlinson wore matching outfits. Also we taught a bunch of lessons that day! I love it when people accept the commandments without a problem. Especially when it's a Chinese person giving up tea without a fight... holy cow. Talk about miracles.

Wednesday Elder Bleak showed me exactly how the Bible shows that Jesus is Jehovah. It was really interesting, send me an email if you're curious and I'll show you! For lunch we went to an Indian buffet with a bunch of Chinese people and got sooooooo stuffed, I'm amazed we were both able to keep it down. I think that was the day we had another Word of Wisdom lesson that didn't go so hot, but ça va. She's still a friend and down to keep taking the lessons, and we can't force anybody to give up alcohol if they don't want to.

On Thursday we prepped for this upcoming district meeting by reading about specific apostasy in France, including places in our mission like Lyon, Geneva, Cluny, Albi, Carcassonne, etc. Suuuuuuper interesting! This Thursday will be incredible.

On Friday we met a Chinese girl from Inner Mongolia on the metro and got to explain some stuff about the Apostasy to her, it was really cool :) then she came to play cards with us the next day! I'm still super awful at our Chinese card game【三国杀】but it's a great way to get to know new people, so no worries (^_^)

Sunday we were a little late to church... I know, awful. But in our defense, as we were walking there with our amie, it started pouring rain and got crazy windy, and we only had my small umbrella for the three of us. Since Elder Bleak and I were both in suits that we didn't want to ruin, we ducked into the foyer of an apartment building and hid for a little bit. Then we decided that we'd just have to go for it, so we met another amie under a bus stop abri, let them use the big umbrellas the second one had brought, and we jogged the rest of the way. We were wet and exhausted, but we were only a couple minutes late and still got to take the sacrament!

Dear all you lovely people,
Go to church! I promise it's important. It may seem sometimes like it's not a big deal to miss a day, but that's one extra week you'll be going without that spiritual boost that we get from attending meetings that God has said He will bless us for going to. Granted, sleeping through church kind of nullifies that reason for going, but getting into a habit of going and taking the sacrament will help you feel closer to a God because every week you have a reminder that you have a personal relationship with Him, and He loves you. He wants you to come back and the moment you decide to change yourself and commit to doing anything necessary to live with Him again, He will help you. You will see miracles! I see them all the time, and it's because we try every day to do the Lord's will and help others do the same. Try it, it works :)


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