Monday, February 1, 2016

Obedience brings blessings

Howdy y'all.

On Tuesday I had chestnut ice cream! It was super good, and the only reason I knew it was chestnut is because the ice cream dude in Vieux Lyon spoke really good English. That night we walked down by the river with some of our amis and it was sooooo pretty. I love being by the river in the evenings.

Wednesday Elder Tomlinson made phad thai that was soooooo good. A lot better than the last attempt, hehehe. After that we found out that Elder Bleak is really good at cutting hair.

On Thursday Elder Tomlinson made an incredibly beautiful spicy stir fry dish. It's been "Chinese Week" in the apartment, so we wear fun Asian hats and eat Chinese food and everything.

On Friday, we had Zone Conference! It was us (Lyon Zone) and Ecully and then part of Toulouse Zone whose train down to Bayonne had been canceled, so they missed their conference and had to come all the way up here for the next one. We all had a great meeting about not teaching the Restoration without the Apostasy, because you're blowing the climax of the story without telling why it's necessary! It's widely known that Europeans aren't very receptive to the Gospel, and our job is to agree with them. Southern and Western Europe (of which France is a huge part) have a long history of terrible terrible events all related to religion, and it's all a testament to the Apostasy. Our job is to help these people realize that they're 100% correct and praise them for recognizing that religion in their country went downhill well over a thousand years ago. But then we absolutely have to testify to them that the Apostasy is over!

We met after lunch all together in the Roman amphitheater up by Fourvière. The amphitheater was built before Christ was born. We sat in a place that saw the state of apostasy before Christ, the rise of His true church, and the Great Apostasy that occurred afterward. Now it has seen the return of Christ's church! The history in France is incredible, and President Brown's testimony of this work and how important it is is even better. He's an inspired man, no doubt about it. Thanks to Président, Elder Bleak and I recognized some things we need to change about the work we've been doing, and the moment we made the commitment to change we saw miracles. An ami that Elder Bleak has been working with since September is getting baptized in two weeks! That's what happens when you make sacrifices to better follow the rules that Heavenly Father has set for you.

I know this Church is true! We live in a time when lots of people say "religion's just not my thing." If they're talking about religion as created by men, I wholeheartedly agree. But this church, the blessings and miracles we see, the Book of Mormon, all of it comes straight from God. God doesn't make mistakes. Sometimes hard things happen. We forget that God knows everything and can't believe that He would allow us to be so miserable. If you will find the strength to do as Nephi did in the Book of Mormon and say "Thy ways are just" no matter what happens, I promise you'll receive greater blessings than you could ever have imagined. Ask God to help you and He will! He loves you!


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