Monday, October 17, 2016

No one has any idea what's happening for transfers

That's right, welcome to week 6 everyone! I did two transfers in a row with Elder Pien, two with Elder Bleak, two with Elder Zhu, two with Elder Peron, and now two with Elder Preator. Do I stay? Does he stay? Both? Neither? No one knows until Friday morning!

On Tuesday we went to the nice city of Bordeaux for Zone Conference. It was a really good conference :) more on that later!

On Wednesday I had an exchange with Elder Tomlinson, it went well. We met a new ami who can't leave his apartment too often, so he just studies science and religion all day. He's a really nice guy, we've had a few good lessons with him already. We also stopped a man on the street who proceeded to tell us (in really good English) that he and his wife had had several visits from missionaries 20 years ago, really loved it, and would be really pleased to have us again. Needless to say, we got his phone number.

Thursday we talked to people, not too much happened except teaching our other ami about l'Évangile de Jésus-Christ. He's a college guy so he's often busy, but after our lesson he accepted a baptismal date so WOOHOO :D

Kinda the same deal on Friday, minus the baptismal date part.

Saturday we were really hoping to start up Game Night with all the Chinese people we've been talking to all over Toulouse, but not a single one (that responded) said they could come, so we didn't do it (ToT) (红包 for you if you know what that emoji is)

Sunday was super awesome! On the way home from Church we talked to a bunch of nice people, including one lady who asked us for a rendez-vous instead of the other way around. By the way, to all you curious people, a rendez-vous generally means a lesson or any other meet-up, and a mangez-vous is a play on words (manger = to eat) and means "dinner appointment." That term sounds so weird to me, as does investigator and greenies and teaching record. Those are amis and blues and fiches, and don't you forget it! ;)

So here's something we learned in Zone Conference (it was actually part of the presentation by our very own Toulouse ZLs): In this Church, we believe in personal revelation. God has not stopped answering prayers or calling prophets and apostles. Let's take a sports analogy: Christ is the quarterback. We are the wide receivers. Our unique advantage is that we have a perfect quarterback. Christ will always throw the ball (the revelation that we need to guide us/those under our care) will always be exactly where it needs to be in just the right moment. We just have to be ready for it. If you're not doing everything you should in practice, when game time comes you won't be ready. You might not even see the ball and it'll fly right over your head, while if you'd been ready you could've caught it and scored big time. Pray in faith. Have that connection with the Quarterback so you'll know where to be and when. In this game, no effort is wasted. Do your very best and don't worry, because He'll take care of the rest. However, "you have to really try!" As our dear Elder Brown said in his last Zone Conference this past week, repent every day! If you don't know how or you're not sure about how to grow closer to God, ask the missionaries! They can help you! We try to help people every day, I just wish more people understood that and accepted our help. Ça va :)

Love you all!


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