Monday, October 24, 2016

The mission blew up

Seriously, so much changed for transfers. We all saw it coming, since a lot stayed the same last time. I'm currently sitting in the Institute in (believe it or not) LYON! :D

No, I didn't get transferred back to Lyon. I'm actually here to pick up a very special someone ;)

My brand new blue left the MTC about 3 hours ago and should be arriving here in Lyon about 10h00 tomorrow morning :) Tomorrow we'll be doing training of sorts and then Wednesday morning we find out who's with who before heading out to our respective villes Thursday morning. Funnily enough my respective ville is no longer Toulouse! I did my six months there and the Lord has seen fit to take me out.

I'll be training in Grenoble, a city I've heard is heaven on earth if you don't mind the cold ️ Hawai'i feels so far away... but actually Grenoble is nestled right in a valley and is surrounded by mountains and apparently super pretty, so expect some pictures soon.

This past week we had some good things happen in Toulouse, Elder Preator will do a great job keeping it going. Capitole Ward had an incredible activity, a multicultural night with some of the most delicious food I've ever had from Guadeloupe/Martinique, Italy, Colombia, Tahiti, etc. A ton of people showed up, including a couple jeunes (young guys) whom we played basketball with a couple months ago! Never thought we'd see them again, but somehow the zone leaders had their number and invited them or something? It was crazy and now they have a Book of Mormon and may well be taking the lessons :D

I don't have a ton more time, but please remember to love your fellow man! You know the story of the Good Samaritan? Imagine Christ is the one picking the guy up off the road and bringing him to the inn, as Christ would do. Now imagine you are the innkeeper. If Christ came to you with a poor, broken soul and asked you to take care of him, would you? The reality is that Christ does do that, more often than you think. Think of everyone in your life who needs help. Did you ever think that through the perfect plan of our Father in Heaven, you were placed in that person's life or them in yours for a reason? Show that Christlike love and you'll find more happiness than you've ever experienced. That's a promise :)

Elder Jensen


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